Shires Apartments residents speak out about ‘horrible’ living conditions

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – People who live in a West Ashley apartment complex are speaking out after they say the apartment’s property management has failed to address several issues regarding mold in their homes.

“Your home should be your sanctuary,” Shires Apartments resident Demetria McNeil said. “It should be somewhere that you feel at peace, and right now, none of us are at peace.”

The residents say they’re now speaking up after they say they’ve been living in hazardous conditions for some time.

“We lived upstairs first,” McNeil said, “noticed some mold and we requested if we could move downstairs. We moved downstairs in November. I personally helped move my family’s furniture inside this current apartment and noticed day one that we had mold.”

McNeil says she’s complained for months to the leasing office, but little has been done.

“The new leasing management,” she said, “they’ve only given us a few options. Stay in there, the same unit. Move next door whenever they’re done renovating that, they don’t know when, or just move out.”

McNeil lives in the apartment with her family. She says they’ve all had health issues that she believes stems from exposure to black mold.

“My mom was in the hospital for four months,” she said, “she just got out three weeks ago. She’s now on hospice. My twin sister, she was hospitalized this year, as well as my three-year-old niece.”

They says management recently cleared some mold from their home, but there’s still a lot left.

“They call themselves cleaning it out,” Darlene McNeil said, “but they didn’t really clean it out good, or whatever. I just want better conditions for me and my family.”

Laquandae Miller says she moved into the Shires Apartments in 2015 and has had many issues as well.

“The leaking is real bad,” Miller said. “It was coming through the walls, coming through the fire extinguisher, just dripping everywhere.”

The mother of three says she wants management to take better care of their tenants.

“I need them to fix their property,” Miller said. “I need them to do a better job so people can live comfortable.”

News 2 has reached out to the Shires property management company, and the leasing office, and is currently awaiting a response.


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