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What types of mold are found in a South Carolina home or business?

Mold is usually found in homes and businesses where water leaks into the structure. The most common types of mold in South Carolina include black mold, which grows on damp surfaces such as walls and ceilings, and white mold, which grows on dry surfaces like wood and paper. Black mold can cause serious health issues, while white mold only causes cosmetic damage.

Black Mold: Based on current research, black mold exposure is no more dangerous than any other type of mold exposure. It is impossible to avoid exposure to mold — the spores are almost everywhere around us. In high amounts or in people with allergies, exposure to any mold may cause allergy symptoms.

White Mold: White mold is a powdery fungus made up of different fungal species that can appear white, green, or grey, depending on the type of surface it has infected. Like most molds, white mold thrives in areas with high moisture like showers, crawl spaces, basements, and leaky walls.

Why hire a professional mold removal and remediation company?

  1. Mold Removal is Not a DIY Project. It requires professional expertise and equipment.
  2. Mold Removers are Certified by OSHA.
  3. Mold Removers are Licensed by State Licensing Boards.
  4. Mold Removers are Insured by Insurance Companies.
  5. Mold Removers are Bonded by Professional Liability Insurance Companies.
  6. Mold Removers are Trained in Proper Techniques.
  7. Mold Removers are Experienced with Mold Removal.
  8. Mold Removers are Expert at Identifying Mold Problems.
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Mold news
8 Nov 2022

Toxic mold makes S.C. College students miserable | News |

[ad_1] S.C. State Amya Carr died this spring after being exposed to mold. [ad_2] Source link
Toxic mold makes S.C. College students miserable | News |
Toxic mold makes SC college studetrs miserable | News
7 Nov 2022

Toxic mold makes SC college studetrs miserable | News

[ad_1] South Carolina college students faced at least 2,400 possible cases of mold in their dorms during the past two years, living spaces that make students sick.In complaint after complaint, students said moldy dorms triggered asthma attacks and allergies, a Post and Courier-led Uncovered investigation found.Students said they found mold on their desks, mattresses, couches and even their hats. They watched mushrooms sprout from baseboards and over their heads. They opened air vents and discovered filters and grates caked with black fungi.“It’s getting into clothes and hangers. The place is awful now,” a student in Clemson University’s Lightsey Bridge complex told school officials in October 2021.“Everyone in my room is experiencing symptoms of black mold,” a student at Coastal Carolina…


South Carolina is known for mold problems. The perfect storm of heat and humidity make South Carolina a favorite place for mold to find a home. Many towns have older homes that may be more susceptible to mold growth which makes mold testing in theses structures very important. Here at Palmetto Mold Experts we have local mold testing, mold, removal, mold remediation, and water damage restoration services that will help test for and remove your mold problems. We want to be the top mold and water damage restoration company in South Carolina.