Palmetto Mold Experts Announces Availability of Mold Testing

MoldExpert Columbia SC, Mold
what are the benefits of mold testing in Columbia SC

Today, Palmetto Mold Experts announced immediate availability of Mold Testing , enabling owners of properties in the Columbia, SC area the ability to immediately access the best mold testing experts in the area.

“Mold is a serious problem in Columbia SC,” said Keir Anderson, Head of Digital Marketing at Palmetto Mold Experts.

Positive Customer Impact
Many customers have already benefited from deploying Mold Testing . Linda Spires Columbia homeowner, recently committed to deploying Mold Testing to several rental properties in the area and the new mold testing will enable Linda to know that her tenants are living in a mold free space.
“These are professional mold tests not your run of the mill do it yourself tests that may or may not find the problem.,” said Sam Broyels, Case Manager. “Missing a serious mold problem can cost a property owner tens of thousands of dollars.”

Mold Testing Availability
If you suspect you have a mold problem, it is important to get a professional mold inspection and testing service. A professional mold inspector will first gather samples from the air. The sampling method may include a spore trap, which is a sticky surface that is designed to collect all types of airborne particles. If there is evidence of mold, the inspector will then suggest additional tests to confirm the results.

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