Not the first report of mold for company in charge of Augusta University dorms

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – An update on safety concerns in the dorms at Augusta University.

Around 30 students couldn’t move in Wednesday because mold was discovered in two residence halls.

We have been digging into the company in charge of housing and what we’ve uncovered sounds eerily familiar.

That’s because Corvias, the company in charge of housing on Augusta University’s campus, is also in charge of military housing.

It’s not the same company at Fort Gordon where the I-TEAM has been tracking mold problems for years, but Corvias has been in hot water for mold at places like Fort Bragg and Fort Meade.

On Wednesday, the school told us they discovered mold in some rooms in Elm and Oak Halls. So, they gave 30 students the option to stay at the Marriott until Saturday.

Four took them up on the offer. Others went elsewhere. Since then, a few have been able to get in ahead of schedule. Tomorrow at 11 a.m., the final 25 will be able to move in.

According to the Corvias website, the company handles housing for 14 colleges in five states, but the vast majority of them are in Georgia.

Here is a video out of Georgia State in Atlanta from September of last year, where students reported mold and even mushrooms growing in their Piedmont Central dorm.

Back in 2019, Georgia State’s student-run newspaper uncovered mold too. In the end, 60 students ended up having to be relocated.

Students at Howard University in Washington, D.C. currently have a petition for their private school to break up with Corvias.

This is after students there reported mold.

Some even slept in tents outside the campus center for more than a month to protest the living conditions in the dorms.

We reached out to Corvias Friday but have yet to receive a response back from the company.

We’ve also requested a number of documents through the Freedom of Information Act to hopefully shed more light on this.

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