Costco Recalls Kirkland’s Pine Nut Hummus Spread because of Mold

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Costco Recalls Kirkland's Pine Nut Hummus Spread Due to Mold


Costco is a haven of fire food court grub and cult-fave products (hello, the Kirkland tequila), but next time you swing by the retail superstore for your weekly grocery haul, you might want to skip the hummus–or at least pick a new brand.

According to Food Safety News, Costco is recalling one of its hummus products due to mold. The Kirkland Signature Pine nut Hummus has been removed from the shelves.

The company sent a letter to its members stating that they have found mold problems on the pine nuts topping. According to reports, the products were sold between September 21st and October 18.

The brand’s Pine Nut spread should have the code date “Best Before NOV 26, 2022” at the top. Costco will refund the full amount. You can return the product directly to Costco for a full refund.

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