1,200 soldiers being moved from moldy, substandard living conditions at Fort Bragg – WSOC TV

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FORT BRAGG, N.C. — Mold, aging ventilation and outdated buildings have forced the military to find new housing for more than 1,000 soldiers living at Fort Bragg.

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An inspection in early August revealed mold covering rooms from floor to ceiling, severe water leaks, asbestos, poor ventilation and no air conditioning, WRAL reported.

Officials told The Fayetteville Observer that it had relocated 100 soldiers and approved 55 certificates to allow soldiers to find private housing on or off the post. The same officials said another 380 certificates are in the process of being approved.

While more than 1,000 soldiers will be moving out of the barracks in the coming weeks, other soldiers told CBS News that mold is growing in their barracks as well, describing it as “black specks all across the furniture and across the walls.”

Gen. Edward Daly, head of Army Materiel Command, told Military.com that the military will change the way inspections are done going forward. While soldiers had been tasked with the inspections, the military now plans to hire civilian contractors for the task.

Fort Bragg told CBS News that the Army plans to demolish and rebuild 12 of the barracks at Fort Bragg that were found to be substandard, and renovate five others.

In a statement to CBS News, a Fort Bragg spokesperson said: “Our enduring obligation at Fort Bragg and as Army leaders is to take care of our people — our soldiers and their families. Their health and welfare is of the utmost importance to our Army readiness.”


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